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If Dr. Philippon determines that hip arthroscopy is the best option for your hip you will receive an email outlining the next steps including contact information for our insurance specialist and surgical scheduler. You will also be contacted by our Rehabilitation Coordinator to start PreHab exercises via the AMP recover program. This will introduce you to our rehabilitation application and strengthen your hip prior to surgery.

There are several factors to consider when scheduling surgery: time of year, home/school schedule for you or your family, accommodations, and caregiver options.

The Steadman Clinic has a concierge department that can help arrange accommodations:

It is essential to have a caregiver with you following surgery. This is not only critical for your success following surgery, but you are required to be discharged from surgery to a caregiver over 18 years of age. The caregiver is necessary to assist with travel to physical therapy, aqua therapy, and post-operative appointments. Your caregiver will also help you in and out of bed, follow the post-operative instructions and assist with equipment set up and function.

Prior to coming for your visit please complete the history and registration forms and make sure your insurance information is up to date. Please have your hometown postoperative physical therapy visits schedule prior to surgery. It is helpful to have your postoperative physical therapy appointments scheduled with your local physical therapist when you return home. Other things to consider are care for pets, prepare easy meals for your return and accommodations/exceptions/absences for school or work.

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