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Dr. Marc Philippon Featured in Denver Magazine, 5280, Discussing Latest Techniques Used in Sports Medicine Including the Use of PRP to Heal Athletic Injuries

5280, The Denver Magazine, recently featured an article with a focus on high-level athletic injuries and how the treatment of these injuries can actually be implemented towards the everyday weekend warrior. The first section of the article discusses a high-level soccer player who experienced a serious achilles tendon injury and the path that he took towards recovery.  The article continues by discussing some of the recent cutting-edge breakthroughs in sports medicine including techniques used for ACL reconstruction and rotator cuff repairs, as well as a heightened focus on the human performance aspect of training.  The feature ends with an in-depth look at the use of platelet-rich plasma therapy—also referred to as PRP.  While research has indicated that the use of PRP is effective in healing sports related injuries and speeds up the recovery process, medical professionals agree that more research is needed.  Dr. Marc Philippon, managing partner of the Steadman Clinic in Vail, is among the experts quoted in this feature relating to the use of PRP and where this breakthrough stands in treating athletic sporting injuries.

According to Dr. Philippon, “The final recommendation of this group would be to proceed with caution in the use of PRP in athletic sporting injuries. We believe more work on the basic science needs to be undertaken, and greater rigour should be implemented in developing robust clinical trials to demonstrate the efficacy or otherwise of PRP.”

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