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Orthopedic Hip Surgeon, Marc J. Philippon MD, Discusses Latest Research Associated with Arthroscopic Hip Surgery for Labral Hip Tears

Dr. Marc J. Philippon, orthopedic hip surgeon with The Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado, was recently highlighted in a Newswise health feature. The article sited research recently presented at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine’s Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland this past week.

During the annual meeting, researchers from The Steadman Philippon Research Institute from Vail presented their research findings involving labral hip tears and repairs. For more than 32 months, researchers followed close to 21 male, elite athletes (average age of 28) who had hip pain and hip instability issues. The majority of these athletes participated in high-level sports including soccer, football, hockey, skiing, ice skating and baseball.

Following arthroscopic hip surgery utilizing the ipsilateral iliotibal band autograft and physical therapy, the study found that a majority of these athletes could return to a solid level of play.  Patient satisfaction following this arthroscopic hip surgical repair was also increased.

Labral hip tears are often associated with a traumatic injury, such as dislocation, but researchers say they are increasingly seeing hip issues due to repetitive motions and underlying structural abnormalities.  According to Dr. Philippon, “While our study indicates that this particular labral hip repair can get athletes back into the sports they love, additional research is needed on the technique. We are hopeful that this surgery will continue to help high-level athletes with their hip pain and hip instability and allow them to play effectively and pain-free.”

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